The Uses Of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is commonly used for cooling and refrigeration in both solid and liquid forms. Typically, in chemical processes, it is used as a type of inert gas. Let’s take a look at different uses of carbon dioxide.

Metals Industry

Carbon dioxide is used during the manufacturing process of casting molds in order to improve their hardness.

Manufacturing and construction

On a large scale, this gas is used as a shield to protect the weld pedal from excessive oxidation because of the air. Today, a mixture of CO2 and argon is used for a higher welding rate. Aside from this, it eliminates the need for additional treatment after the welding is complete. Also, dry pellets of ice are used in order to replace sandblasting during the removal of paint from different types of surfaces. As a result, it helps reduce the cleanup and disposal cost.

Petroleum and chemical Industry

In chemical industries, this gas is used in large quantities, especially when it comes to making urea and methanol. It is also used in an oil well to extract oil and maintain the pressure. When the gas is pumped, it is dissolved into the soil and reduces the viscosity. As a result, it becomes much easier to extract oil. In other words, more oil is extracted with the help of this process.

Food and Beverages

CO2 in both liquid and solid forms are used for refrigeration, chilling, surface freezing, and quick freezing of foods. Apart from this, in spiral and tunnel freezers, carbon dioxide is injected through a special nozzle. This process converts the liquid into dry ice to cover the surface of different types of foods.

This gas is used for wine, bears, and other soft drinks in order to prevent bacterial and fungal growth. Besides, this gas is an ideal solvent for different types of organic compounds. For example, it is used for the purpose of decaffeinating coffee. Aside from this, it is used as a propellant for product dispensing and extraction agent. During canning, it is also used for air displacement.

For flavor and fragrance production, differential distillation and supercritical CO2 extraction are the techniques used by producers. Besides, cold sterilization is done using a mixture of 10% ethylene oxide and 90% carbon dioxide. In this case, carbon dioxide produces a stabilization effect on the other gas and prevents possible explosions.

Health Care

In the healthcare sector, CO2 is used as a form of additive to O2 as a form of respiration stimulant.

Environmental Uses

In aerosol cans, it is used in place of alternatives that may be harmful to the environment. The use of dry ice pellets is a great alternative to sandblasting for the removal of paint from different types of surfaces. This helps eliminate the problem of the disposal of residue.

Miscellaneous Uses

Liquid carbon dioxide is used in a lot of dry cleaning equipment as an alternative to traditional solvents. Experiments are still in progress to decide on a process that is the most effective.

It is possible to post plant growth by at least 20% by releasing carbon dioxide in the greenhouses. Usually, the amount of carbon dioxide in the greenhouse must be at least 1000 PPM.

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